My name is Susan Enane. I am fifteen years old. My birthday is on 9th of September. People often make fun of me as a 9-9 baby. My mother is a single parent who does some small scale businesses for our upkeep. I have two brothers. We all live in a one-bedroomed rented house at Kiminini Market. Being the only girl, I normally help my mum to fetch water, clean the house, cook and even sometimes sell sugarcane at the market so we can make some money for our upkeep.


I joined Upendo Junior School in 2018. This was after my mother could no longer afford to pay for me fees in the school where I was learning. I love Upendo because the Director is very caring and the teachers are very understanding. The children are very friendly and so helpful of one another. I have represented our school during the Music Festivals because I love reciting poems. I also take part in athletics. I would have loved to play netball or basketball but our school does not have enough space for such games. Upon completion of my studies here at Upendo this year, I wish to join a good secondary school, work so hard and join the University of Nairobi to study Pharmacy.

My biggest challenge has been that we have no electricity at home so I have not had a humble time revising for my KCPE and doing other assignments given by teachers. Some days we go without any meal in the evening. I am lucky at least I eat lunch in school. I also have to walk to and from school every morning and evening, leaving me so exhausted by the end of the day. But I have not let these challenges deter me from my goal: that of excelling in my studies.

On completion of my education, I wish to start an orphanage for less fortunate children in our society. This way I will be able to give back just as I have received so much from Upendo, especially from our teachers and our director.

God bless our school and the work of my hands.

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