We believe that educating one child can change a family, ten can change a nation, but a whole school can change the world.


We are working to create a future where each child, regardless of background, income, gender or birthplace has the ability to live out their God-given talents as leaders of our country and the world.


We seek to set a new standard in providing holistic and quality education to all children regardless of their socio-economic background or gender.

Our Values

These are six things to do as a team to accomplish the mission of empowering future leaders who change their world. Both the staff and students are called to live by these values.

Be Exemplary

Set an example that is worth following, no matter your position.

Be Focused

Have clear objectives and systematically work towards them.

Be Innovative

Dont't be afraid to speak up, ask questions and challenge the status quo with new ideas and solutions

Be Honorable

You are an ambassador of the school and your country, representing those who have gone before, and those who will come after you . Others have sacrificed for you to succeed and others depend on you for their sucess

Be Loving

Give everything you can to improve the life of another person without expecting anything in return.

Be Courageous

You have to know who you are, know were you are going, and know that you can,

upendo Academy


The most beautifull thing for us is a child’s smile !!


Why Partner with Upendo Academy?

In 2007 Dr Peter Masibo returned to his home village of Kiminini, Kenya after completing his PhD in England to find his community vastly changed because of poverty, civil war and HIV/AIDS.

He and his wife decided to open their home and a few rental houses to provide instruction to the displaced children who were camping in local churches.

Over ten years on, a living room full of children grew into a school called The Upendo Academy after the Swahili word for ‘love’ – and now has eight teachers and more than 140 children, many of whom are orphans.

Dr. Masibo never got his house back, but what started out as an act of love for a small group of children has grown into a movement that is changing Kiminini, Kenya, and the world.

We Are Based In Kiminini, Kenya

Since 2008, Our goal is to make a big difference and help much possible number of kids . here are a lot of kids out there who need help. Whether they’re homeless, have experienced violence, or have an illness and we are here to save them.

Every day we’re making a direct impact—one with tangible results that you can see. working with children, make us have a very meaningful career that we can feel good and proud about. Instant Approval Personal Loans


Our team


Managing Director - Upendo Academy, K-8th grade

Dr. Lumala Masibo

Lumala returned to Kenya, and in the wake of the post-election violence that rocked the country, he and his wife converted their home into a school for poor children, orphans, and those displaced by the violence who were camping in churches in Kiminini. This was the beginning of the Upendo Academy.

Dr. Lumala’s vision has been to create a future where every child, regardless of background, income, gender or birthplace has the ability to live out their God-given talents as leaders of their country and the world

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