We supoort teacher’s salaries , provides funds for school, for infrastructure, books, supplies, and support.

Escape The Poverty​

All children abide by our Upendo Pledge, which shapes their development as good citizens by encouraging self-confidence, gratitude, tolerance, and teamwork, and caring for our Upendo family, mankind, the environment. We want to encourage the students’ understanding of their communities and giving back to them. Each person should be expected to be responsible for caring for others.

Upendo built the school to support 400 students, working with the school staff to improve the school’s facilities and educational standards. We have supported the school in many ways including:

1. Supplying cool fresh water, given the limited availability of freshwater
2. Equipped a computer lab with laptops and educational  software
3. Supports children’s cost of school fees, uniforms, books,      supplies, and lunch

We believe our nurturing approach enables children to break the cycle of poverty. Children deserve the right to be happy, excel, and lead the next generation by example. We provide holistic education – self-learning, sustainability, emotional well-being – that enables the children to support themselves, their families, and their personal growth.