What We Do

At Upendo, we love our volunteers. And we need more.

If you are willing and able to give of your time and talent to help kids who need safety, loving homes, or an encouraging word and a smile, please contact us. Or send an inquiry about volunteer opportunities here. You can…

  • Intern to support many operations serving children and families, and to gain valuable career experience.
  • Pray for the many children suffering , for the families in isolation and despair, and for the staff and families caring and neglected children.
  • Volunteer at an event, as a mentor to a child …and so much more. Individuals and groups are welcome!

And the list goes on….

Join Us and Help  Child


Our Volunteers in Education worked an estimated 1.1 million hours. We cannot allow this essential contribution to K-12 education to pause during this challenging year. We are working with administrators and teachers to implement virtual one-on-one tutoring sessions in the classroom, as well as volunteer-led virtual clubs and skill-sharing sessions. We’re excited to share that UPENDO Volunteers in Education program is currently conducting a pilot project begin offering virtual after school tutoring, providing an additional resource to students in schools, and assistance to students learning at home.

Feed For Hungry

Millions of children are dying every day from hunger and diseases that are made worse by undernutrition. No child should ever go hungry or suffer from preventable sickness and disease because their basic nutritional needs go unmet. You can make a difference in the world and give hope to these hopeless children. Please consider supporting the good work of Feed God’s Hungry children today, and you can know that you will be part of a much better tomorrow.

Innovation For Children

The widening gulf between rich and poor, rapid urbanization, climate change and the rapid pace of technological change necessitates us to adapt and create new solutions to confront the challenges facing children today. Nearly one child in four is living in a country affected by humanitarian crises, and almost 50 million children have been uprooted from their homes. To address these challenges, innovation is more vital than ever.We believe that new approaches, partnerships and technologies that support realizing children’s rights are critical to improving their lives.

health care

We encourage the concept of volunteerism and knowledge-sharing. Our medical volunteers experience how their time, knowledge, skills and resources can have a far-reaching impact on the lives they encounter. Medical volunteer abroad are the perfect opportunities to experience the healthcare industry in a developing country. Assist local doctors and nurses with treating those who need it most. Pre-med, medical college or high school students, there are programs available for every level of medical training or experience.


Volunteer with Upendo and help us achieve Zero Hunger. Volunteering with Food means helping millions of people around the world. Our volunteers make a difference every day, contributing their expertise and experience to add value to the organization in different functional areas. Upendo academy offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in the areas they know best, while helping the organization achieve its goal of Zero Hunger.


.Our goal is to meet the necessary needs of our children with adequate clothing for the different seasons and elements of weather. We also want to provide decent, clean clothing to give these people a boost in their already low self esteem. This will help in scheduling and appearing at interviews if they look presentable. We believe with the amount of clothing that is thrown away every day there is no reason people are going without decent, basic clothing. Our goal is to distribute them to the people who are in need and not drop them off somewhere thinking it will get done.


students Activity

We helped a lot of students helping them to graduate from high school, go to college or polytechnic school, go to vocational school.

Helping childrens

Since 2008, we helped nearly 16 thousand orphaned and underprivileged children escape the poverty trap by providing the necessary health and education.

Escape the poverty

Upendo  is her as a school to support more than 400 students in need, we are doing our best to improve the school’s facilities and educational standards for our childrens.

Help Us Providing Them Their Basics!


Education Right​

Nutritious Meals​

School Material​

Healthy Environment​

Personality Development​

Counselling Sessions

Just For $15 A Month You Can Change Someone's Life!

Upendo believes that:

  • Every Life matters.
  • Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life free of pain and restraints.
  • Everyone can contribute
  • Communities are stronger when everyone is included and in unity.
  • Family and friends are the most enduring support a person can have.
  • Basic Human Rights and Equality must be respected.
  • Positive social perception of ‘Solebuddies’ will be demonstrated at all times.
  • Everyone’s opinion is valued.
  • Cultural and religious beliefs must be respected at all times.
  • Dignity matters.